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SpaceVR Adds Ecliptic’s Rex Ridenoure to Advisory Board

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
August 5, 2015
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SpaceVR_logoSAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 27, 2015 (SpaceVR PR)– SpaceVR, the world’s first virtual reality platform with the ability to share live 3D, 360-degree content from the International Space Station (ISS), signs agreement with Rex Ridenoure, CEO at Ecliptic, to join the advisory board of the company.

Ecliptic is a space avionics and sensor systems company and the leading global supplier of systems used to capture in-space video content. The Pasadena, California-based firm is best known for its RocketCam™ product family used successfully on more than 130 rocket and spacecraft applications. Ecliptic has multiple contracts to provide experiment control and data-handling avionics for experiments scheduled for operation on the International Space Station (ISS) in the 2016-2017 timeframe, and is also lead system contractor on the LightSail CubeSat program.

“Rex Ridenoure has worked on several pioneering space projects in the commercial and NASA arena during the past 37 years, and has been an active space entrepreneur for over half of this time. We’re excited to have his guidance and insight from Ecliptic’s space project experiences as we move forward,” said Ryan Holmes, CEO of SpaceVR.

“I am excited to have Rex join the board. His extensive connections to the space industry will help mold our business model to deliver the best possible experience for all our VR astronauts. Rex will add a unique perspective to our development plans in space and we look forward to his input,” said Isaac DeSouza, CTO of SpaceVR.

Mr. Ridenoure is a former space systems and mission engineer and currently a space entrepreneur and executive. For nearly 20 years, he held technical leadership roles on leading-edge space projects such as the earliest shuttle-launched satellites, the Hubble Space Telescope, Voyager/Neptune encounter, and several low-cost small satellite initiatives. He is a long-time supporter and champion of applying commercial business practices more extensively in space markets, especially beyond Earth orbit, and has directly participated in many such efforts throughout his career.

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About SpaceVR

Founded in January 2015 by Ryan Holmes, CEO and Isaac Desouza, CTO SpaceVR is the world’s first virtual reality platform sharing live 3D, 360 degree content from the International Space Station (ISS). With key partnerships with NanoRocks to handle logistics, safety approvals and astronaut relations, and Made in Space to 3D print the camera mount on the ISS, SpaceVR is positioned to realize its mission of providing an experience that allows billions of people to feel like astronauts. This capability can help catalyze the “overview effect,” an experience of seeing firsthand the reality of Earth in space. In sharing this unique experience beyond the astronaut community, SpaceVR aims to unite humanity in protecting Earth’s fragile environment and working together to resolve conflict.