Karin Nilsdotter’s TED Talk on Space Investment

Video Caption: In the next 15 years, the market for commercial space-travel is predicted to double from $300 to $600 billion dollars. Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of the Swedish Spaceport, believes that the cosmos are the next big frontier in business. And while microgravity research, lunar real estate, and space tourism may still sound like sci-fi, Nilsdotter argues that the gravity currently grounding the space economy is about to dissolve.

Karin is Co-Founder and CEO of Space Travel Alliance and Managing Partner of Spaceport Sweden, two pioneering initiatives to realize the dream of commercial space travel, establishing Europe’s gateway to space in Swedish Lapland and a leading spaceline for tourism, research and education.

Awarded for her pioneering work, Karin has further been ranked as one of the leading women in Newspace for her drive to invigorate tourism locally, empower communities globally and advance Sweden as an aerospace innovation leader. The sky is not the limit as Karin seeks to launch not only spaceships but also new products, experiences and careers, inspiring and empowering talent and startups building a new industry. Karin founded TEDxKiruna and initiated Creative Space, a do-tank for young talent across science, arts and tourism.

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