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SpaceBillboard Selling Out of This World Advertisements

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 24, 2015
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Credit: SpaceBillboard

Credit: SpaceBillboard

LEUVEN, Belgium (SpaceBillboard PR) — SpaceBillboard, a supporter of innovative space research, is set to launch the world’s first billboard in space in a milestone that marks the increasing importance of CubeSats in Space Exploration.

Researchers at KU Leuven University in Belgium came up with the novel idea of launching a real billboard into space to help fund their research on a new line up of NexGen satellites called CubeSats.

A CubeSat is small – about the size of a milk carton – and lightweight, which makes them cheaper to build and launch. A CubeSat is the perfect answer for universities and start-ups to get involved in space research, one of the bedrock platforms for research on advanced technology solutions.

European Space Agency ESA and NASA in the US have active CubeSat programs that help drive the development and adoption of emerging technologies in support of new business solutions.

Tjorven Delabie, co-founder of SpaceBillboard said: “We are talking about an out-of-this-world project, that allows companies to bring their brand into space.”

“The idea is catching on, and SpaceBillboard has already secured a number of contracts for companies to have their message on their own billboard in space.”

The launch of the billboard is scheduled for the beginning of 2016, to be launched from Alcântara in Brazil.

Highest and fastest

The messages on the SpaceBillboard will be the highest and the fastest ever seen in the industry, flying at 27,400 kph at an altitude of 500 km. The Billboard will orbit the Earth 15 times a day, becoming the first advertisements that literally bring their message around the world.

Although the billboard will not be visible from Earth, all messages will be continuously visible on the SpaceBillboard website as well as used in the customers’ branding campaigns.

Marketing & Science

SpaceBillboard is a new kind of crowdfunding project where private and corporate donors help push space research forward. For companies, buying one or more of the 400 available squares on the billboard is a perfect opportunity to showcase their innovative spirit. At €2500 per square for the launch premiere, SpaceBillboard is a fantastic way to bring together experts from academia and industry to support the future of technology.

Personal Messages

Inspiring people about space research is an important part of SpaceBillboard’s mission. Therefore, you can also put a personal message on the billboard yourself. Sending a personal message into space costs €1/character. So far, many have already signed up to share their message, most of them are messages of love.

Into Space

Once the SpaceBillboard has been sold out, it will be put on the CubeSat. This satellite will also perform a valuable scientific mission. The CubeSat will be deployed into a high inclination, low Earth orbit, and is expected to operate in orbit for up to ten years. After that, the satellite will burn up in the atmosphere, ensuring that no space debris is left behind.

Editor’s Note:  The first flight will be from the Alcântara Launch Center in Brazil early next year? That could only be one launch vehicle: Cyclone-4. The inaugural launch is supposed to be sometime this year. However, I haven’t heard much about this perpetually delayed program lately. And things don’t seem to be going real well at the rocket’s manufacturer in Ukraine. I’m assuming SpaceBillboard has other launches lined up.

And another thing….Billboards are usually placed in high-traffic areas (such as roads) where lots of people (like drivers) will actually see them. Having your logo on a spacecraft in orbit is kind of a cool idea, but not a lot of people are going to actually see it unless they go to the website. So, maybe it’ll work.