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Sarah Brightman Begins Training for Space Station Trip

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 19, 2015
Sarah Brightman. (Credit: Eckhard Pecher)

Sarah Brightman. (Credit: Eckhard Pecher)

TASS reports that British soprano Sarah Brightman has begun training for her 10-day trip to the International Space Station in September.

“Brightman has returned to Moscow and has started preparations for the space flight,” Lonchakov said. “The preparations are in line with the schedule,” he told TASS.

According to the press service of the Russian space training center in Star City, outside Moscow, the center is due to introduce an individual program for the British singer.

Earlier a spokesman for Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said Brightman had left Moscow and flown to Britain to see her ill mother.

However, Alexey Krasnov, who is in charge of the Russian Space Agency’s piloted programs, told TASS on Friday that Brightman “had to fly away for family reasons, but pledged to be back in Moscow on Sunday.”

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    “Let her sing for you Monsieur. She has been well taught.” -Phantom of the Opera, Act I, Scene I.

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