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Luminox Extends Partnership to XCOR

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 15, 2015
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Full-scale Lynx mockup (Credit: XCOR)

Full-scale Lynx mockup (Credit: XCOR)

ZURICH, Switzerland, January 14, 2015 (Luminox PR) — Luminox is proud to announce that its partnership with SXC (currently known as XCOR Space Expeditions) has been extended to XCOR Aerospace®, and Luminox is now the official watch partner of XCOR Aerospace.

As creator of the XCOR® Lynx®, the most innovative commercial spacecraft ever built, XCOR Aerospace recently acquired SXC (Space Expedition Corporation, currently known as XCOR Space Expeditions). Lynx will make suborbital flights into space up to an altitude of 104 km. Lynx is a piloted, two-seat, full-reusable rocket-powered space plane that takes off from the runway under rocket power and lands on the runway after each flight. Commercial space flights are projected to take off from spaceports in Mojave, California as well as Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean. Each passenger will ride with the pilot in the cockpit, under the large transparent Lynx canopy and experience weightlessness, silence and the beauty of earth as only 500 people have seen it.

“About 3 years ago, we became partners with SXC in Holland for the space expedition project. Now with the integration of the partnership of XCOR, we became part of the entire project and I am proud of being selected. This will be a win-win situation for both, where Luminox will be opening new doors for XCOR through our worldwide connection to the watch trade,” says André Bernheim, Co-CEO of Luminox.

XCOR’s acquisition of SXC signals its commitment to being “the most active space flight company in the world” through a marked increase in integrated sales activities and multiple wet lease operations. With its high frequency of flights (up to four flights a day), XCOR is poised to revolutionize the emerging commercial spaceflight industry and passengers will benefit from Lynx’s incredible cockpit experience.

“We see the integration of XCOR Aerospace into our existing partnership with SXC as a great opportunity to strengthen our involvement in the burgeoning commercial space tourism industry. Luminox now has a direct connection to XCOR bringing us to the forefront of space travel in the near future,” says Barry Cohen, Founder and Co-CEO of Luminox.

About Luminox

Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for U.S. Navy SEALs, F-117 Nighthawk™ Stealth jet pilots and other elite forces. Luminox watches glow 100 times brighter than most other luminous watches, giving them superior readability. Luminox launched a line of signature watches made for space and designed with the input from test pilots and astronauts from XCOR Space Expeditions. The SXC GMT Space Series, available in Stainless Steel or Ultra Light Carbon Reinforced Polycarbonate, are suitable for adventurers on Earth and in Space. The newest Space model, the Pilot Professional Titanium Analog Digital recently launched.

XCOR Aerospace

XCOR Aerospace is based in Mojave, California. It is currently creating a Research and Development Center in Midland, Texas, and will be establishing an operational and manufacturing site at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the assistance of Space Florida. XCOR® builds safer, more reliable and reusable rocket-powered vehicles, propulsion systems, advanced non-flammable composites and rocket piston pumps. XCOR works with aerospace prime contractors and government customers on major propulsion systems, while also building the XCOR® Lynx®. The Lynx family of vehicles serves three primary missions: research and scientific missions and private spaceflight in the Lynx Mark I and Lynx Mark II, and micro satellite launch on the Lynx Mark III. Lynx production models are available to customers in the free world on a wet-lease basis for their own manned space flight programs. Learn more at

XCOR Space Expeditions (formerly SXC)

XCOR Space Expeditions, a wholly owned subsidiary of XCOR Aerospace, is based in Amsterdam with a regional office for Asia in Hong Kong. XCOR Space Expeditions supports a global network of 50 independent resellers with established Lynx flight sales experience. The company’s space-focused training programs offer a variety of medical screening and specialty training missions for future XCOR Lynx flight participants. Strategic partnerships are currently active with global brands including KLM, Unilever, Luminox, Heineken and Sony Pictures Television. Learn more at XCOR Space Expeditions.

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