Canadian MP Forms New Parliamentary Space Caucus

Canadian_Parliament_HillOttawa, Canada (Jay Aspin PR) – Jay Aspin, MP for Nipissing-Timiskaming announced today the establishment of a parliamentary Space Caucus which he will Chair. A Space Caucus has been established to focus on priorities unique to the Space Industry.

“The commercial space industry is a booming sector,” said MP Jay Aspin. “In Canada, the sector contributes over $3.4 billion to the economy and employs well over 8,000 people in high-paying and very high-skilled jobs. With the strategic partnership of Canadore College and Swiss Space Systems (S3) this year, our region became a part of this new economic engine.”

Earlier this year, a strategic partnership was announced between Canadore College and S3, which the federal government supported with $2 million in funding and regulatory assistance, and featured the construction of a new Advanced Composites Fabrication, Repair and Test Centre. The Centre will allow the college and commercial partners like S3 to conduct specialized engineering and testing. This will provide Canadore graduates with advanced training and skill sets while also providing existing and future partners with access to state-of-the-art equipment.

“The Space Caucus was established to bring together MPs with space industries in their communities for the purpose of better connecting with business and educational stakeholders, determining challenges and priorities, and creating a better framework for creating and pursing opportunities. The opportunity for expanding our local space sector in North Bay is important so we need to act on it,” said MP Jay Aspin.

MP Jay Aspin explained that the Caucus will also give MPs opportunities to visit the space industry clusters and develop a substantive and critical appreciation for the needs of businesses. As well, the Caucus will provide MPs with a platform to bring the recommendations of the David Emmerson Space Report to the forefront enabling Canada to continue to maintain and enhance its reputation in the global space industry.

“This is another win-win for Nipissing-Timiskaming,” said MP Jay Aspin. “As Chair of this Caucus, I will be also able to assist in the search for more projects, opportunities, research and investment in the growing space industry in our region. This means good paying, sustainable jobs for the region, particularly for our youth.”

This Friday, on MP Aspin’s invitation, the Canadian Space Agency will visit North Bay to meet with our space partners S3-Canadore College, visit our aerospace assets and participate in a forum with local companies. MP Jay Aspin will chair the forum.