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SXC Offers Space Flights to Dutch National Team if They Win World Cup

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
June 27, 2014
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AMSTERDAM, June 27, 2014 (SXC PR) – Should the Dutch soccer team win the World Cup, the Dutch space travel company SXC would give them an actual spaceflight, allowing each player to claim the official title ‘Astronaut’ for the rest of his life.

SXC Co-Founder Michiel Mol: “Being a Dutch firm, we feel extremely proud of our team’s current achievements in Brazil. The breathtaking goal of Robin van Persie, and all newspaper headlines about ‘The Flying Dutchman’ have inspired us to also do something extra. We will literally try to take them to the next level; 103 km. The whole selection of 23 players and of course Louis van Gaal.

‘When would they go into space then?’

Our spacecraft, the XCOR Lynx, is currently being assembled in Mojave, California. The first test flights will start after the summer. We are expected to begin the first commercial flights mid next year, for which more than 250 tickets have already been sold. Should they win the World Cup, I expect the Dutch players to fly into space in the beginning of 2016; just in time for having actual astronauts on the field during the European Championship 2016 in France.

‘Do you expect that they will all dare to go?’

It is of course on a voluntary basis and the participants will receive an extensive guidance- and training program to choose from. But it is not scary and my expectations are that not many players will let this opportunity pass them by.

‘So it’s a deal?’

100%; if Holland becomes World Champion, these guys will be our guests. Against such an unearthly achievement should stand an unearthly reward.

About Space Expedition Corporation (SXC)

From 2015 on, Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) will perform daily commercial flights into space. SXC offers participants a life-changing experience in viewing our planet Earth from 100 kilometers high. Plus, having been at that altitude, they can rightly be called astronauts. XCOR Aerospace in Mojave, California, USA, designed and built the Lynx spacecraft, which will perform the space flights. SXC is proud to be the launching customer of the Lynx, which comfortably takes off and lands like a normal airplane, from regular airports. The flexibility of the Lynx spacecraft enables operation from almost any commercial airport. Most likely, the Curacao airport in the Caribbean will be the first location – and Spaceport – outside the USA. XCOR and SXC have sold over 250 tickets so far.

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