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Yuzhmash Signs Agreement with Dnepropetrovsk Regional State Government

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
May 14, 2014
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Zenit launch

Zenit launch

Ukrainian rocket maker Yuzhmash has signed an agreement under which the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State will provide financial and organizational support to the company and protect against being taken over by Russian separatists.

The announcement came in a May 8 press release. Yuzhmash produces the following launch vehicles and stages:

  • Zenit — used by Sea Launch and Land Launch for communications satellites
  • Dnepr — Joint Ukrainian-Russian program that uses converted Soviet-era ballistic missile to launch satellites
  • Antares — first stage structure and tanks for Orbital Sciences’s launch vehicle
  • Vega — fourth stage for Europe’s small satellite launch vehicle
  • Cyclone-4 — Joint Ukrainian-Brazilian commercial satellite launcher with inaugural flight planned from Brazil in 2015.

The full press release is reproduced after the break.

Yuzhmash Secure Ihor Kolomoyskyi Support
08 of May 2014

Dnepropetrovsk Regional State administration start to renewal Yuzhmash reputation as like powerful space rocket enterprise, fleet leader of Ukraine and world rocket construction. The Dnepropetrovsk governor Ihor Kolomoyskyi and General Director Sergey Voyt has been signed Memorandum of Cooperation. Henceforth Dnepropetrovsk Regional State administration will defend and maintain Yuzhmash interests on all level of state administration, provide assistance to search for investors in Ukraine and abroad, and promote enterprise production on world trade. This is the signal to the foreigner investors and partners to start with Yuzhmash cooperation.

Because of situation with Russia, some projects and contracts were on the edge of breaking. But now the situation is normalized. Yuzhmash keep old contracts and in the nearest time begin negotiations according to the new projects.

According to Memorandum Regional State administration take upon themselves the solution of political problems, concerning Yuzhmash, and promote creation of apolitical industrial areas. Also Regional State administration provides assistance of definite realization of interstate amendments and long-term contracts with foreigner and Ukraine customers by enterprise. Lend aid to Yuzhmash, as strategic target, in stopping of unauthorized entry on plant area. If it is necessary, they attract a real armed group.

In their turn, Yuzhmash undertakes to develop space-rocket potential of Dnepropetrovsk region and Ukraine, take part in programs of region development, and provide work place to specialists and graduates from university.

Memorandum is in force during the whole 2014 year and automatically continued on 3 years.

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