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GLXP Update: SpaceMETA Raises $10 Million From Investment Fund

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
March 11, 2014
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Silvio Miglio Sergio and Cabral Cavalcanti. (Credit: SpaceMETA)

Silvio Miglio Sergio and Cabral Cavalcanti. (Credit: SpaceMETA)

RIO DE JANEIRO and SAO PAULO, Brazil (SpaceMETA PR )– Billionaire Silvio Miglio Fund (SILVIO MANOEL LAPA MIGLIO) announce today the investment in first private Brazilian aerospace startup SpaceMETA ( – We are Here to do the Impossible Things …

Silvio Miglio is a Brazilian entrepreneur with skill in participating in Big Challenges and structural projects in several sectors. As a business man, Mr. Silvio Manoel Lapa Miglio has succeed in several sectors and actually he is the bigger ethanol producer in the Sergipe state in NE of Brasil.

In a recent visit of Mr. Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti , Founder of SpaceMETA , Silvio Miglio and him, have decided to announce the initial fund raise of US $10 million to be applied in a accelerations process for the innovations proposal projected by the SpaceMETA crew for the LUMEM – The Lunar Micro Explorer Mission.

SpaceMETA Board of Directors has announced that it is considering also to apply this funds to bring some possible partners that has significant development in others teams and are in the actual stage of need seed funds to implement in a joint-venture way its dreams.

According Mr. Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti , Mr. Silvio Miglio is a visionary person with the courage to take risk in a way the really can make the difference for the future of human kind.

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