Former Commercial Crew Manager Mango Fined $2K

Ed Mango
Ed Mango

A federal judge has fined former NASA Commercial Crew Program manager Ed Mango $2,000 for his improper involvement in a personnel matter at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida Today reports.

Mango had loaned money to a fellow employeeafter she was arrested for submitting a forged driving permit. The employee had lost her license for driving under the influence.

Mango intervened on her behalf with NASA’s Human Resources officials who were considering punishment for the employee without disclosing he had a financial interest in the case. He pleaded guilty to a felony, which could have landed him in prison for six months.

Florida Today reports:

Facing up to six months in prison, based on recommended sentencing guidelines, Mango told U.S. District Judge Roy Dalton he took responsibility for his actions and was sorry, and wanted to continue his work in human spaceflight.

“I know I went over the line,” said Mango, who stepped down last fall as manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. “It will not happen again.”

Dalton commended Mango for his service as an Air Force officer and NASA engineer. But he said Mango had made bad decisions and it was important for senior government managers to avoid any appearance of impropriety….

Human resources officials later said Mango’s intervention had resulted in unprecedented handling of the case, in which the colleague was allowed to spread the cost of an unpaid suspension over multiple pay periods.

Mango has been reassigned to a new job in which he reports to NASA headquarters in Washington.