Space Expedition Corporation Moves to New Office

Credit: SXC

AMSTERDAM, 13 December 2013 (SXC PR) — Earlier this month, Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) moved its headquarters to Spaces, the flexible office building at Amsterdam Zuidas. From here, the young Dutch company coordinates its worldwide marketing and sales efforts. SXC is currently preparing for the first test flights with the XCOR Lynx spacecraft, which are scheduled halfway into the next year.

Michiel Mol (CEO): “Our previous office in Amsterdam Zuid was beautiful, but we missed the presence of other young enterprises around us. That’s why I believe in concepts such as Spaces. What’s more, we share one passion: commercial space…”

Celebrating the new office, SXC exhibits its full scale prototype SP1 right in front of the Spaces office this month.

About Space Expedition Corporation (SXC)

Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) will offer daily commercial flights into space as of 2014 on the XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx suborbital reusable launch vehicle. Participants will have a life-changing experience when viewing our planet Earth from 100+ kilometers and achieving astronaut status. The XCOR Lynx is a two seat fully reusable space plane that is designed and built by XCOR Aerospace. SXC is the launch customer of this space vehicle that comfortably takes off and lands as a normal airplane from regular airports. The Curacao airport in the Caribbean will most probably be the first location – and first purely commercial Spaceport – outside the USA. The flexibility of the XCOR Lynx spacecraft makes it possible to operate from almost any commercial airport. XCOR and SXC have sold over 250 flights to date. The Lynx’s full reusability ushers in a new era for the aerospace industry, potentially foreshadowing future superfast long range environmentally friendly travel outside our atmosphere. It is this vision that made KLM airlines decide to offer a partnership to SXC in 2010. The company is led by CEO Michiel Mol who has a strong international track record in IT (founder LBi), Formula 1 (founder Sahara Force India Formula 1), and Marketing (founder Guerilla Games and Media Republic) among other pursuits.