Japanese Film Star Undergoes G-Force Training for Lynx Flight

Koichi Iwaki undergoes training. (Credit: SXC)
Koichi Iwaki undergoes training. (Credit: SXC)

Training Update

August 26th, 27th and 29th were all about training with a new group of astronauts. The Desdemona training was the first step in the preparation for Space for Japanese movie star Koichi Iwaki. Mr. Iwaki was a bit taken by the G- forces he experienced when SXC’s pilot Harry van Hulten took him up in the L-39 flight, but nevertheless, he was very impressed.

SXC was happy to have quite a few ladies participating in the training missions this time! There was McDonald’s contest winner, Heike Düsterhoft from Germany, Usha Shah from UAE, and fighter jet veteran Mrs. Marie- Francoise Le Cornec.

Another special visitor that rocked the Desdemona simulator was Brazilian extreme sports star, Luigi Cani, who was closely followed by the Dutch national news channel RTL4, that also conducted a memorable interview with our youngest astronaut, Rowin Hellings!