Swiss Space Systems Forms Partnership with Russian University

SOAR spaceplane atop an A-300. (Credit: S3)
SOAR spaceplane atop an A-300. (Credit: S3)

PAYERNE, Switzerland (S3 PR) — Aerospace company Swiss Space Systems – S3 and Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) have announced today the signing of their partnership.

The most prestigious Russian engineering institute joins the very selective group of international technical advisors to S3. This new partnership between the Russian university and the aerospace company will enable BMSTU students to have on-site training at S3 within the scope of their collocation at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, and to pursue their research work in relations to S3 propulsion systems, one of the key elements for the SOAR shuttle and its expendable upper stage.

Swiss Space Systems is progressing quickly and as planed in the development of its launch system for small satellites that is based on a standard carrier aircraft and a newly developed SOAR shuttle. Such rapid progresses are due to technologies and know-how inherited from aerospace programs through S3’s international network of partners and technical advisors from Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States.

S3’s group of leading advisors now extends to Russia within the context of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed today between Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) and S3. The high profile Russian institute joins existing S3’s technical advisors among which we find organizations such as the Swiss Space Center of EPFL, the European Space Agency (ESA), the Catholic University of Leuven and the AerospaceDesignLab of Stanford University.

Partnership with one of the most prestigious institute in engineering in the world

Thanks to this partnership Swiss Space Systems can count on the support of one of the most renowned university in the world, focused on the education of engineers in the aerospace field. Bauman Moscow State Technical University was established in 1830. Currently the university has 19,000 students, of which above 1,000 are PhD candidates, who pursue their professional education under supervision of the prominent scientists and have at their disposal the most innovative academic centers and laboratories. During many years the university has been open for foreign students to follow their studies on the wide range of qualifications. The university was a pioneer of the educational model that associates comprehensive theoretical studies with a complete practical training in the most innovative industrial sites of the country. Their model became an example to follow for the world best technical innovative universities.

New Cooperation Between Russia and Switzerland

Swiss Space Systems is proud to count on the aerospace competence of this flagship academic center in this country whose reputation in aerospace is second to none. As outlined by the CEO and founder of S3 Mr. Pascal Jaussi: «This partnership will bring strong technical benefits and an innovative approach in respect of key elements of our program. This is a great day for our company and this partnership will bring other opportunities of collaboration with Russian whose outstanding achievements in aerospace left a mark in history».

The Partnership with S3’s intention of launching small satellites will be fruitful for Bauman Moscow State Technical University and will allow this research institution to provide their expertise to a significant international project. The Cooperation with BMSTU will enable the exchange of academics between Russia and Switzerland as it was emphasized by professor Anatoly Alexandrov, rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University: “Our collaboration in the aerospace field with EPFL will be completed by an industrial exposure with the Swiss aerospace company S3. This will promote the visibility on new projects that are even more ambitious and will allow our students and doctoral candidates to come to Switzerland for internships within flagship sites of the Swiss education and industry.”

Ambassador of Switzerland to the Russian Federation H.E. Pierre Helg, welcomes this collaboration between the Swiss company and the Russian university: “This remarkable partnership demonstrates how much Switzerland is able to integrate within this innovative project different competencies coming out of the selection of countries among which there is Russia. In this context S3 represents an excellent example of internationalexposure, which Switzerland can perform thanks to its high technology competences. This collaboration will contribute to further contacts between Switzerland and Russia.”