SCRAMSPACE Test Unsuccessful

SCRAMSPACE vehicle. (Credit: University of Queensland)
SCRAMSPACE vehicle. (Credit: University of Queensland)

ANDOYA, Norway (UQ PR) — Australia’s SCRAMSPACE hypersonic flight experiment from the Andøya Rocket Range in Norway has ended in an unsuccessful launch.

The launch was the culmination of the three-year SCRAMSPACE research program, and was designed to conduct a flight-test of a free-flying scramjet at Mach 8.

The team can confirm the launch took place and both the first and the second stages of the launch have landed safely in the water.

However it appears at this stage that the payload did not reach the correct conditions to begin collecting data as planned.

SCRAMSPACE Director Professor Russell Boyce said the team was disappointed that the launch was unsuccessful and was investigating the cause.

The research project, led by The University of Queensland, aims to improve access to critical space-based technologies such as remote sensing, satellite communications and position, navigation and timing.

Updates will be made as more information is available.