Heads at Khrunichev Roll Over Proton Failure

Holy shi'ski! The rocket...it go KABOOMSKI! (Credit: Tsenki TV)
Holy shi’ski! The rocket…it go KABOOMSKI! (Credit: Tsenki TV)

The fallout from last month’s spectacular Proton launch failure continued on Friday as Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced the firing of three officials at rocket builder Khrunichev:

Rogozin said Friday that the deputy general director of quality control and management at Khrunichev, Alexander Kobzar, the head of final assembly, Valery Grekov, and the chief of the technical control department, Mikhail Lebedev, had been dismissed for “inappropriate fulfillment of duties during the production and preparation of the Proton-M.”

Russian officials have previously said that those responsible for the accident could face jail time. However, there is no mention in RIA Novosti’s report of any such actions.

Rogozin also said that final report on the accident will be delivered to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in late September, after which disciplinary actions would be taken against any Roscosmos managers and staffers found culpable for the failure.