Pomerantz: SpaceShipTwo Flying Commercially in Mid-2014, LauncherOne in 2015

Some good news above about Virgin Galactic’s LauncherOne from Vice President Will Pomerantz.

Meanwhile, it looks like he’s sticking to the same projections Virgin had earlier this year for SpaceShipTwo, despite a 15-week (and counting) gap in powered test flights. Is this anything like when the pilot promises to make up time en route?

The way things are going, the schedules for SpaceShipOne and LauncherOne are slowly converging. Maybe they should just junk the hybrid engine and speed up development of the liquid-fuel one for LauncherOne. Use the same engine for both. It would simplify things and make flights a lot cheaper with economies of scale. You also don’t have to replace SpaceShipTwo engine after every flight.