New Space Memorial Service Elysium Starts Up

It looks like space memorial service Celestis is getting some competition.

A new memorial service called Elysium Space is offering to send the ashes of your loved ones into orbit for $1,990 — less than half the $4,995 that Celestis is charging for a similar service.

Elysium’s website says that the first memorial flight is set to take off next summer as a secondary payload to a much larger spacecraft. The Elysium spacecraft is expected to stay in orbit from several months to a couple of years before re-entering the atmosphere. The company doesn’t indicate which launch providers it will be contracting with for flight services.

The company was founded by Thomas Civeit, whom the website describes as having had “extensive experience in space mission operations at NASA, notably including the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope and the Huygens interplanetary probe. He received multiple NASA awards for his work.”

To learn more, visit the Elysium website.