Future SXC Astronaut Hosts Spaceflight Event

L_J_Doensen_SXCAMSTERDAM (SXC PR) — It was on a beautiful spring night that members of the SXC team travelled to the south of the Netherlands to a little village called Deurne. This was in order to attend an event organised by one of SXC’s Founder Astronauts whom has proven himself, once more, to be a great ambassador of the exciting and noble cause that is Commercial Space.

Mr. Lodewijk-Jan Doensen, officially a medical doctor but truly a Space Advocate, was the master of ceremonies. A perfectly hosted event brought guests and attendees to rediscover the creation of the universe until the most recent developments in the space industry in which SXC is so strongly involved.

Contributions by Mr. Ben Droste of SXC and Mr. Bas Lansdorp of Mars One supported Lodewijk-Jan’s presentation, where it became clear to all attending guests that mankind is truly at the verge of a monumental Milestone; Space becoming accessible to everyone.

Thank you Lodewijk-Jan, with your precious input Commercial Space couldn’t be closer!

Don’t miss out, there are still tickets left for our Founder program!

If you want to go to outer space (above 103 km altitude, real astronaut) there is still some place left in our FOUNDER program (first 100 to above 100); and for the others we have our FUTURE ASTRONAUT program (101st and up to above 100 km). Join today please contact our Astronaut Relations Manager.

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