First Angara Rocket Shipped to Plesetsk

The first Angara carrier rocket is shipped to its launch site. (Credit: Khrunichev)
The first Angara carrier rocket is shipped to its launch site. (Credit: Khrunichev)

MOSCOW (Khrunichev PR) — The Khrunichev Space Center has shipped the first flight model of light-weight Angara 1.2 PP (PP is the Russian for “Maiden Launch”) to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

In accordance with the Angara 1.2 Maiden Launch Master Schedule, the train carrying the Angara 1.2 PP hardware departed for Plesetsk in the early hours of May 28.

Angara family is a new generation of environmentally friendly launchers now under development at the Khrunichev Space Center on the basis of the URM-1 Common Core Booster (CCB), using oxygen/kerosene engine.

The Angara product line includes lightweight to heavy-lift launchers featuring LEO payload capabilities of 3.8 MT to 35 MT (Angara A7). One CCB is used by the light-weight Angara 1.2 LV. The maximum number of CCBs is seven (Angara А7).

The high degree of modularity combined with the unique design solutions employed would allow any member of the Angara family to be launched from the same pad.

The Angara Space Launch System has been declared a matter of national importance. The commissioning of the Angara system will provide to Russia the capability to launch any type of spacecraft from its own territory, and will secure for our country an independent access to outer space

Khrunichev is the designer and manufacturer of this system while the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Space Agency are the Government customers.

Work on Angara SRC is in full swing in accordance with approved schedules. KhSC is also engaged in continued development of the heavy-lift Аngara-А5 launch vehicle. Its shipping to Plesetsk is scheduled for November 2013.

At present the launch master schedules for both the small-lift and heavy-lift Angara LVs have been approved. The Angara SRC program is personally supervised by Vice-Premier D.Rogozin and Defense Minister S.Shoigu.

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