FAA Working on Lessons Learned Database to Improve Spaceflight Safety

faa_logoIn an effort to improve spaceflight safety in the industry, the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) is updating an internal lessons learned database with plans to make it widely available, according to AST Chief Engineer Michael S. Kelly.

AST is updating its STAR database, which has information about more than 5,600 orbital launches worldwide, Kelly said during a recent presentation to the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Commitee (COMSTAC). Changes include: making the database easier to search; providing complete, easy-to-access standard reports; and allowing users to customize reports.

AST plans to roll out the upgraded database to members of COMSTAC and other selected parties who request access for evaluation purposes in the near future, Kelly said in his presentation. Officials plan an initial beta test period of six months to work out bugs and solicit ideas on how to improve the database.

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