Public and Press Viewing Area for SpaceShipTwo Flight on Monday

mojave_tower_sunset_smAh, this is a bit embarrassing. It looks as if I was a bit too hard on the Mojave Air and Space Port.

The airport has set up a viewing area for the public and press who want to see the SpaceShipTwo flight scheduled for Monday morning. If you go in through the main entrance off Business Route 58 (between the Mariah Country Inn and the two aircraft), there is an electronic sign directing you down the road leading to the Virgin Galactic and Stratolaunch facilities.

I’m not entirely sure where the viewing area is located, but it is likely quite a ways from the flight line where most visitors have viewed flights in the past.

So, the airport is accommodating the press and public on its property for the flight, although it has generally failed to communicate that to those specific audiences properly. The only way you would know it is if you had driven through the airport tonight. This is an area that requires improvement for future flights.