If You’re Coming to Mojave on Monday, You’ll Need Your Stinkin’ Badges

Copyright Warner Brothers Pictures

Word is that the Mojave Air & Space Port will be on a form of lock down for the SpaceShipTwo supersonic flight that Richard Branson says is scheduled for Monday morning. If you don’t have no stinkin’ airport badge, you ain’t getting on the airport property.

History will be made on Monday, but anyone interested in watching will have to do so from outside the fence of a public airport. It’s an odd way to bring space travel to average people, albeit for folks who are worth millions and billions of dollars.

Not that any of that is much of a surprise. Tenants here have been complaining about having their privacy violated by people covering their tests. The airport is terrified that companies will take governors up on offers to move to other states.

But, no worries. There’s always ways of getting around restrictions. Look for my full coverage on Monday both here and on Twitter @spacecom.