SXC Clients Visit the Arctic

SXC_ArcticSXC PR — Preparing to go to space is almost as exciting as actually going.

From March 19 until March 22 a crew of SXC, future astronauts and potentials went for a dazzling four-day trip to the Acrtic Circle to watch one of the most mesmerizing phenomenon in space; the Aurora Borealis. Three days in a row, the sky actually lit up in green colors as a strong reminder of what beauty space has to offer.

Place of accommodation was the famous Ice Hotel, with an outside temperature of -29°C and an inside temperature of -5°C, literally a very cool place to stay.

During the trip the crew members faced some other very exciting challenges, like cross country dog sledging, a snow scooter expedition to a Sami settlement and even an ski off-piste Glacier ski trip. It was no surprise to us all that our German astronaut Mr Jos ‘the Rock’ Gal finished amongst the first.

Many thanks to the people of Spaceport Sweden, who helped us so kindly to plan this Special Op. Our next trip will soon be announced!