An Interview With a Future Lynx Passenger

SXC has published a Q&A interview with one of their clients, who is set to fly into suborbital space on an XCOR Lynx vehicle from Curacao.

Name: Rowin Hellings [space enthusiast]
Age: 19
Occupation: Student Applied Physics

1. You have recently purchased a space ticket with SXC, what did this moment mean to you?

This was a very special moment, I really wanted to do this. It was my dream to become an astronaut.

2. What is your background? 

I am studying Applied Physics, which is a very wide study, because it entails every aspect of physics. This study is a foundation for every other technical company that makes something technical. It is without a doubt that I would like to combine my passion for space with applied physics. I have a big passion for space, Since I was small I was explaining my mother how stars are formed and how the planets move around each other. It has been a passion ever since.

3. What made you decide to go on a spaceflight?

There are two companies offering a commercial spaceflight, but I think that SXC provides a better concept than the other company. When one travels with only two people in the spacecraft, I think it is a more unique experience.

4. What triggered you to choose SXC?

One or two years ago I saw SXC on the news, and I thought, ah cool, but I wasn’t ready to do this yet.  Then, last year when I saw the offer at Mediamarkt, I knew the time was right!

5. What are your expectations of SXC as a company?

a. In terms of preparation for your flight?

SXC offers training missions to prepare yourself for the actual spaceflight, which I think is a very good service.

I have participated in the Albatross training recently, and now I know how it feels to experience such forces.

b. What will you expect from the flight?

You will start with 3,000 km/h and reach mach 3 in 3 minutes. I don’t know what to expect from that, but I think it is very cool! The speed sensation is something I look forward to during the flight. Also, the pullout, which we did in the Albatross as well, is really cool.

c. What do you think is most exciting?

Well, the most exciting is of course the weightlessness and hanging upside down above the Earth.

d. Which part of the flight do you think is most exciting? (Flight schedule)

e. Which part of the flight do you expect to be the most challenging?

The pullout is the most challenging I think, to lose the speed, because you have to work to be able to withstand those forces. I think that it will be the greatest physical challenge of the whole trip.

6. At the end of your flight there will be a wing ceremony, which grants you the title of an astronaut for the rest of your life. How do you envision this ceremony? 

My family is coming with me, and I wouldn’t mind that it’s not a closed gathering. If there is media and the public involved, I have no problems with that.

7. Have you ever experienced anything in the past that resembles a spaceflight? And if not, will you do so in the future before your actual space flight?

L39-training I have done and in the future I will train in the Desdemona simulator.

8. Would you like to have your spaceflight experience to be remembered as a historical moment and to share it publicly? 

I think being part of interactive experience center at the spaceport is a nice concept, and I wouldn’t mind to share my experience or footage of my flight publicly.

9. What about becoming part of the SXC Hall of Fame? And how about sharing your spaceflight experience publicly?

That would be fine I think, I haven’t got a problem with sharing my experience during my flight or after with the public afterwards.