Flight Opportunities Program Exec Interns at Mojave Air and Space Port

John W. Kelly

John W. Kelly, program manager for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, began a one-year executive internship at the Mojave Air and Space Port last week.

Kelly will be focusing on access to space initiatives as well as the research potential of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Kelly also will help to build a closer working relationship between the spaceport and the nearby NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, where he is employed.

Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) solicited proposals from state and local governments, eligible university and other public entities to develop six UAS research and test sites around the country.

Mojave spaceport officials are considering submitting a proposal for designation as an UAS research and test site. So, Kelly’s expertise would be valuable if the spaceport goes forward with a proposal.

Designation as one of the six UAS sites would bring new companies and many new jobs to the spaceport, which is located in California’s High Desert.