GLXP Update: And Then There Were 23….

Google Lunar X Prize Teams


The 33 teams that were once competing for the Google Lunar X Prize have now been reduced to 23 competitors. Some have dropped out, while others have merged with or been acquired by other teams. Most recently, Moon Express acquired the Rocket City Space Pioneers.

With the deadline for winning the prize set for the end of 2015, additional drop outs and consolidations are likely. Given the lead time for securing rockets, any team that hasn’t arranged for a ride to the moon by now has little chance of winning the race.

And which of these teams have realistic changes of winning? My guess would be _______ and _______, but if I revealed their actual names, I would (a) annoy the other 21 remaining teams and, (b) probably miss some dark horse candidate that will likely sweep in and claim the prize out of nowhere. So, I will exercise a rare amount of diplomacy here and name no names.

Just remember, you read it here first.  The rest of those guys have no chance.