Tim Pickens on Rocket City Rednecks Tonight

“Rocket-Powered Pickup” — December 13 at 9pm ET/PT. The National Geographic Channel. The Rednecks want to create a cheap, reusable rocket-powered truck, and Travis thinks he has the answer: a hybrid rocket engine. It’s rare in the hobby rocket world, but a hybrid rocket has more control because it combines two forms of fuel — a solid and a gas. Any solid substance with carbon can become “rocket fuel” when combined with a gas. Travis’s buddy, private space pioneer Tim Pickens, helps the guys create a rocket engine. Testing reveals that asphalt is actually a powerful and cheap rocket fuel alternative. When the Rednecks’ old clunker truck collapses under the weight of the rocket, they put the engine into Tim’s brand-new truck — and attempt to fire it off down a drag strip.