Praise for the Golden Spike Company’s Plan

Michael Lopez-Alegria
President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

“Conquering the space frontier requires leadership at NASA and a partnership between commercial companies and governments,” stated CSF President Michael Lopez-Alegria. “I’m thrilled to see the Golden Spike announcement, which harnesses space leaders with years of experience to launch an exciting new private space venture. In the last few years we’ve learned that commercial space, by speaking to the dreams and aspirations of people around the world, can create new excitement for space travel, bringing us ever closer to our shared goal of sustainably extending human activity beyond Earth.”

Space Frontier Foundation

Humanity took a giant leap toward the economic development of the Solar System with today’s unveiling of Golden Spike Corporation’s lunar exploration business. Golden Spike today announced its plans to return humans to the surface of the moon by 2020 using existing rockets and spacecraft. This demonstrates that American industry has the ability to take humans beyond earth orbit, and that American entrepreneurship and innovation can build on NASA’s historic achievements.

“Golden Spike is the right name” said Jonathan Card, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation. “Alluding to the first transcontinental railroad makes it clear that they are not planning single flight, flag and footprint missions. Instead we see a strategy that utilizes existing infrastructure, and builds on that incrementally and sustainably.”

Golden Spike’s plan utilizes multiple US commercial launch vehicles that are already in service launching commercial satellites, NASA missions, and Department of Defense satellites. Its in-space hardware incorporates spacecraft that deliver cargo (and ultimately crew) to the International Space Station, as well as satellites throughout the solar system. By using existing systems, Golden Spike should have astronauts on the surface of the moon before the end of the decade.

“This demonstrates what the Foundation has been saying for a long time.” continued Mr. Card. “It is perfectly clear that the private sector is ready, willing and able to step up and deliver space capabilities that are dramatically cheaper, faster, safer and better than have been offered from the 1960’s to today.”

The Space Frontier Foundation welcomes Golden Spike to the NewSpace community and wishes them well in their visionary endeavor.

Tea Party in Space

Tea Party in Space (TPiS), a non-partisan organization wishes to congratulate The Golden Spike Company (GSC) on their announcement detailing their plans to return humanity to the Moon. Today’s announcement is a victory for not only the people of the United States, but people around the globe. GSC has an all-star lineup of proven space professionals who not only understand the engineering and science, but also realize the fiscal reality we live in.

“We are starting to see the private sector step up to the plate and start putting forth ideas filled with American Exceptionalism and innovation,” said Andrew Gasser, President of TPiS. “We now have multiple companies in various stages of design, development, testing, and evaluation with the sole mission to open up the next chapter of space exploration. Just as important, the Golden Spike Company is writing the prologue to permanent settlement of the Moon.”

TPiS believes that GSC will help revitalize the aerospace sector in America. By leveraging infrastructure, manpower, and technology that is already built, developed, and in place; GSC will help open up the Moon to commerce and science. Ultimately, GSC’s growth means more American aerospace engineers and technicians will go back to work.

“The Space Coast desperately needs more commerce taking place. We have the world’s best scientists, engineers, and technicians trained to work in the industry,” added Everett Dirksen Wilkinson, Vice President of TPiS. “The coast and the state are abuzz, and why shouldn’t we be? We need to make a lot more noise and rattle a lot more windows than we are right now. We welcome the Golden Spike Company and hope they take advantage of what Florida has to offer.”

The flexibility of GSC will be a major asset as the United States reclaims its leadership role in space exploration and settlement. It is through this flexibility that millions of children will be able to see in their lifetimes. This will only reinvigorate our nation’s goal to reinvigorate our children’s imagination with space and turn them to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

“‘Golden Spike’ conjures up images of hard work, grit, and determination; it validates everything that TPiS has been driving home to anyone that would listen these last two long years,” concluded Gary Anderson, National Coordinator and Director of Operations for TPiS. “Free market principles, private investment, entrepaneurial risk, it is all wrapped in one special gift to America.”

TPiS will do its part getting the American public behind this great human effort.