Khrunichev Completes Building MLM for ISS

Multifunctional Laboratory Module (Credit: Khrunichev)

MOSCOW (Khunichev/Roscosmos PR) — Khrunichev has completed the fabrication and assembly of the flight product multifunctional Laboratory Module (MLM) for the International Space Station (ISS).

During the night of December 6-7, the module was sent to the RSC Energia for further electrical testing of the on-board systems.

The MLM provides the following functions for the Russian segment of the ISS:

  • Provide docking ports for transport ships and research units (transport manned spacecraft “Soyuz-TMA” and cargo spacecraft “Progress M” and their modifications) and research modules in automatic mode or in manual docking;
  • Transit fuel THC “Progress” in the tanks of the SM and FGB;
  • Management of ISS via bank with its engine;
  • Provision of storage capacity;
  • Maintain partial life-support functions;
  • Organize the European arm and its functioning;
  • Placement and operation of scientific equipment.

Khrunichev is responsible for MLM’s hull, propulsion, thermal control system and fire detection and suppression system. Khrunichev will launch the module aboard its Proton rocket.