Astrobotic Begins Construction of New Headquarters

Astrobotic’s new headquarters. (Credit: Astrobotic)

PITTSBURGH, PA – NOV 26, 2012 (Astrobotic PR) — Today Astrobotic announced the beginning of construction on a new facility in Pittsburgh’s Strip District at the intersection of Liberty and 25th street.  The company will move to the new 3600 sq. ft. facility, which will serve as its headquarters, in January.

“Securing this space is pivotal to our success.  This facility will play a crucial role in the development of our landers and rovers toward a Moon mission in 2015,” said John Thornton, President.

The facility will be outfitted with a crane capable of simulating Moon gravity for robots and will serve as an integration facility for Astrobotic spacecraft.

About Astrobotic

Astrobotic Technology Inc. is a Pittsburgh based company that delivers affordable space robotics technology and planetary missions. More information is available at