Think the NRC’s Human Spaceflight Committee is Lame? Suggest Some Changes

Altair on the moon

There’s a conspicuous absence of “NewSpace” representatives on the National Research Council’s new space committee, which has been charged by those geniuses in Congress* with examining how to develop a sustainable human spaceflight program in the decades ahead.

Fortunately, the membership list that was published the other day is provision. And the NRC will be taking comments from the public over the next 16 days before finalizing the committee’s roster.

That gives you (YES, YOU!) a chance to weigh in. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page and click on the feedback button to make your voice heard.

* Technically speaking, Congress — which lacks the ability to formulate a coherent space vision on its own — gave $1 million for the review to NASA’s Office of Inspector General, which lacks the expertise for such a wide ranging study. The IG’s office then hired NRC, which has appointed a provisional membership that lacks a sufficient breadth of experience to conduct a proper review. And since neither NASA nor the President asked for the review, there’s little change they will take the resulting report seriously.

So, what was the point of all this, again? What exactly are they trying to accomplish here?