Ukraine Approves $14 Million Space Action Plan

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the decree, “On approval of the action plan for the development of space activities and the production of space technology in 2013” (hereinafter – the Regulation) on October 17, 2012.

The purpose of the adoption of the Order – the solution of urgent problems of space activities in 2013, the continuation of the projects started in previous years and the implementation of the initial phases of the work under the draft national targeted science and technology space program for 2013-2017, which is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The indicative total budget funding for the implementation of the action plan is 114 million hryvnia [$13.95 million].

In particular, the Order provides for:

  • operations of space system “Sich”;
  • conducting a space research in the international space programs to launch for the first time established in the state science and technology satellite, “Mikrosat”;
  • completing test unit avionics perspective “SINS” and perform the initial stages of the work to develop advanced rocket and space technology;
  • ensuring implementation of space activities in the interests of national security and defense; and,
  • developing international cooperation in the exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes.

The implementation of the approved action plan will provide space activities in 2013, in accordance with modern requirements and national interests.