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SSI Publishes Proceedings from Space Manufacturing 14 Conference

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
October 9, 2012
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MOJAVE, Calif. — SSI is pleased to announce the publication of papers from the 14th Space Manufacturing Conference. Thirteen papers from the conference at the NASA Ames Research Center are now available for download at no cost. They cover a broad range of key areas including space transportation, closed environment life support systems, in-situresource utilization, space solar power, and emerging technologies such as 3-D printing.

Please see this page to download papers from Proceedings of Space Manufacturing 14.

To economize, we have decided to make these papers available for free download rather than producing a printed volume. As was done for the 1st and 2nd conferences, SSI will combine these papers with those from the future (15th) Space Manufacturing Conference into one volume for purchase. We are working on plans for the 15th Conference at this time and will announce venue and dates shortly. In the interim, this approach will guarantee the widest possible distribution.

SSI relies upon member support to continue our important work in pushing back the frontiers of space. Membership starts at only $50 annually ($25 for students). You can also become a Senior Associate with a five-year membership pledge of $100 per year.

We greatly need your support. Please give generously. You can donate online at the SSI website. Or send us a check at:

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    What the hell happened to the paper that Tony Lavoie and I wrote?

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