Roscosmos Selects 8 Cosmonaut Trainees

Roscosmos has selected eight applicants to go through cosmonaut training, according to a press release issued by the Russian space agency.

The new trainees are A.V. Fedyaeva, I.V. Ignatov, S.V. Korsakov, O.V. Blinov,  D.A. Petelina, N.A. Chub, P.V. Dubrova, and A. Kikin.

The space agency received 304 applications as part of the first ever open call for cosmonauts, Roscosmos said. Fifty-one applicants made it past the first cut, and nine successfully passing a further review. Eight of the nine were selected.

During NASA’s most recent call for astronauts, which ended in January, the American space agency received more than 6,300 applications.