Uwingu Campaign Extended Until Monday

Uwingu’s fund-raising campaign, which was to ended last Friday, has been extended 10 days to Monday, Sept. 24. They’re aiming to raise $75,000. Let’s see if we can help them get there. Click on the graphic to the right and donate today!

Uwing is a space-themed, for-profit start up. Uwingu’s mission is create a new funding stream for space exploration, research, and education efforts around the world.

Uwingu (which means “sky” in Swahili, and is pronounced “oo-wing-oo”) was formed by a team of leading astronomers, planetary scientists, former space program executives, and educators. Included in the company’s portfolio of space heavyweights are space historian and author Andrew Chaikin, space educator Dr. Emily CoBabe-Ammann, citizen science leader Dr. Pamela Gay, author and museum science director Dr. David Grinspoon, planet hunter Dr. Geoff Marcy, planetary scientist and aerospace executive Dr. Teresa Segura, planetary scientist and former NASA science boss Dr. Alan Stern, and planetary scientist and CEO of the Planetary Science Institute, Dr. Mark Sykes.