SpaceShipTwo Clears Glide Flight Envelope in Latest Test

A young woman photographs SpaceShipTwo resting on the Mojave Air & Space Port runway after a successful landing Saturday morning. Employees of Scaled Composites and The Spaceship Company as well as local residents were on hand to watch the spaceship’s launch from WhiteKnightTwo. (Credit: Bill Deaver)
Flight: WK2 93/SS GF22
Date:11 Aug 12Location:Mojave Air and Space Port
W2 Flight Time:1.5 hr.SS2 Flight Time:8 min, 2 sec
WK2 Pilot:SieboldWK2 CoPilot:KalogiannisWK2 FTE: Inks
SS2 Pilot:StuckySS2 CoPilot:Binnie
GS Crew:MacKay, Jaster, Bozarth, Verderame, Cassebeer, M. Fuchs, Bourgeois, Glaser, Tighe, Basset

SS2 Objectives:
Maximum glide flight mach and airspeed envelope expansion
Horizontal tail load expansion

SS2 Results:
All objectives achieved. With this latest round of six flights we have cleared the full glide-flight envelope for airspeed, angle-of-attack, CG, and structural loads!

WK2 Objectives:
SS2 release mission
Pilot proficiency

WK2 Results:
All objectives achieved.