Report: Boeing, Lockheed Martin Looking to Outsource CST-100, Orion Work to Energia

By Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

Russia’s Izvestia newspaper reported on Tuesday that Boeing and Lockheed Martin have been in talks for RSC Energia to supply docking and thermal protection technologies for the CST-100 and Orion spacecraft. Below is an excerpt of the story via Google Translate:

Russian companies could take part in creating the future of American manned spacecraft Orion and CST-100, which develop by Lockheed Martin and Boeing. A report issued late last week, the annual report of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia says that in 2011 “held a lot of work to identify opportunities for participation of Energia in the creation of U.S. manned spacecraft CST-100 and Orion.”

Energia President Vitaly Lopota confirmed to Izvestia the desire to of the corporation to participate in the American project to build spaceships.

“We are in negotiations, Boeing and Lockheed appealed to us so that our development and have a single interface. In principle they are ready to consider various possibilities, including giving us some of the components that we could make,” he said.

Results, according to Lopota, are in the process of negotiations have been reached. As an example of possible interaction points of the chapter “Energia” brought the equipment to connect nodes and return capsule heat shield.

Neither Boeing nor Lockheed Martin would comment to Izvestia for the story.

Lockheed Martin is developing the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle under contract to NASA. It is also contracted to provide a composite version of the same vehicle for ATK’s Liberty entry in NASA’s commercial crew competition. ATK has an unfunded Space Act Agreement with NASA.

Boeing is developing CST-100 spacecraft under a funded Space Act agreement under the commercial crew program.

NASA is set to announce the next round of commercial crew contracts in about two weeks. The space agency will announce full funding for two projects and half funding for a third one.