RocketMotorTwo Test Firings Begin in Mojave

RocketMotorTwo test firing file photo, still shot taken from video.

Tests on RocketMotorTwo have begun in Mojave, which is a step toward integrating the engine into the SpaceShipTwo fuselage. The one interesting element is that unlike other test summaries, this one does not mention the length of the burn, which means it was a short duration event with a key emphasis on evaluating the test environment at the Scaled facility. As shown below, they were evaluating the test stand, data acquisition system, and other elements.

Fire: 12
Date: 20 June 12

Perform first full scale rocket motor hot-fire at Scaled’s test facility
Test stand evaluation
Data Acquisition system evaluation
Rocket Motor Controller performance
Pressurization System Controller performance
Rocket system performance
Valve / Injector / Igniter evaluation
Fuel formulation evaluation
CTN structural evaluation

First full scale firing of a rocket motor at Scaled’s test site under full control of the spaceship’s Rocket Motor Controller (RMC). All objectives achieved. The difference between Scaled’s site and SNC’s site at Lakeside is the focus on using SS2 flight vehicle hardware. These tests provide an end to end test of all the vehicle’s rocket motor systems and additional confidence before committing the vehicle to powered flight test.