Texas Looks to Incentives to Support SpaceX Commercial Launch Site

Texas is working on incentives for SpaceX to build a commercial spaceport near Brownsville, the Houston Chronicle reports:

Two sources familiar with the negotiations said the state is working on a multimillion-dollar package that could include funding from the Texas Enterprise Fund, infrastructure support from the state Department of Transportation and assistance from the Texas Workforce Commission, among others…

On Friday a spokesman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry confirmed that the state is engaged in talks with SpaceX.

“We’re very supportive of this project,” said Allison Castle. “We’re coordinating with every agency across state government that might have a positive impact on this project.”

In some respects, the state is well behind some of its competitors for the spaceport, which would launch up to 10 rockets a year, initially carrying cargo payloads but eventually including human passengers.

The successful flight of Dragon to ISS this week will give SpaceX Founder Elon Musk a much stronger hand in dealing with state officials. SpaceX is also looking at locations in Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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