Mojave Airport Could Have High-Speed Fiber Optic Services in July

By Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

Tenants at the Mojave Air & Space Port could have high-speed, fiber optic services by July if a required approval is given within the next few weeks, the CEO of Race Communications said on Tuesday.

Raul Alcaraz said the only major impediment is getting approval from Union Pacific to extend lines across existing railroad tracks. A request was submitted last week. Although approvals can take up to 90 days, Alcaraz is hoping for a quicker answer.

Once approval is given, the work should take about 30 days, Alcaraz said.

There is an existing fiber optic system on the airport that is used as an intranet because it is not hooked up to any exterior lines. Race will connect the network to a main line it has extended from Los Angeles, sign up airport tenants for service, and extend the network out to areas of the airport where it currently doesn’t reach.

The project passed another milestone on Tuesday when the East Kern Airport District Board of Directors approved a five-year lease for Race to set up an office on the spaceport grounds. The rent on the approximately 902 square feet of office space will cost $451 per month.