Sierra Nevada Welcomes ULA Human Launch Services Organization

Sparks, NV (SNC PR)– Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) welcomes the United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) new Human Launch Services organization, which will support the company’s efforts to human rate the Atlas V launch vehicle.  This office will now serve as an interface between SNC’s Dream Chaser® orbital crew vehicle team and ULA’s Atlas V launch vehicle team.  ULA and SNC have been working together for seven years on development of the Dream Chaser®Space System (DCSS).  The DCSS is a U.S. commercial space transportation system funded under NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Program that is capable of carrying crew and cargo to low Earth orbit, including the International Space Station.

Integration efforts between the Atlas V launch vehicle and the Dream Chaser® orbital crew vehicle began in 2005 at the inception of the DCSS Program.  The DCSS is now participating in the second round of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development Program.  The system is currently being integrated by a joint ULA/SNC team as the DCSS progresses toward demonstration and operational flights in the next few years.

“The SNC team is looking forward to working with ULA’s Human Launch Services organization and continuing to build upon the success of our seven year partnership,” said Mark Sirangelo, Corporate Vice President of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems. “Our long-standing relationship has allowed us to greatly evolve our integrated crew transportation system and gives the DCSS the advantages, such as flight-proven reliability, that only a mature launch system can provide.”

Atlas V has demonstrated 100 percent mission success of 29 flights since it was first launched in 2002.  The Atlas V launch system, with this unprecedented record of success, offers significant benefits for human spaceflight by providing a well-defined performance capability and well-characterized flight environments.

“ULA is privileged to have been working with Sierra Nevada Corporation since the inception of the Dream Chaser Program,” said George Sowers, vice president of ULA’s new Human Launch Services organization. “We look forward to launching this unique and innovative spacecraft to deliver crews to the International Space Station.”

Dream Chaser® Orbital Crew Vehicle Will Launch on ULA’s Atlas V Launch Vehicle for Crew and Cargo Service Missions to Low Earth Orbit.

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