Consulting Firm Hires Tumlinson for New Commercial Space Practice Group

Rick Tumlinson

AUSTIN, TX (Formation PR) — Austin-based communications consultancy Formation has announced the addition of a practice group dedicated to the commercial space industry. Formation helps launch and grow business and policy initiatives with a unique blend of strategic communications, design and entrepreneurial thinking.

“I have a great deal of personal interest in enabling growth in the commercial space industry,” says Shelby Stephens, Formation co-founder and strategy design director. “Combine our company’s strong strategic communications capabilities with a background in engineering and aerospace, and we’re in a good spot to help some commercial space companies get to the next level.”

The space practice group at Formation includes commercial space evangelist Rick Tumlinson as a strategic advisor. “Rick brings us decades of space advocacy experience and a deep knowledge of the industry,” Stephens adds. “And, he’s something of a renegade – certainly outside the box – and that seems to fit well with our culture.”

Tumlinson is the founder of numerous organizations and initiatives, including the Texas Space Alliance, which advocates for legislation that fosters the development of a healthy commercial space industry in Texas. “The team at Formation has the right approach for working with commercial space companies,” Tumlinson says. “They have the energy, they get the attitude, and they do really great work – there’s a huge need for these services in the space industry right now.”

Formation provides strategy, communications and media production services for companies launching new initiatives. In the coming months, Formation will continue dialogue with commercial space companies and new industry entrants to fill the client openings offered by this practice group.

“This is a great opportunity for us, and we believe there is a huge need for our services in the commercial space industry,” Shelby concludes. “It’s just a matter of connecting with the companies that align with our values and understand what we bring to the table.”

About Formation

Based in Austin, Texas, Formation’s services include public relations, brand strategy, crisis communications, web development and social media management. Clients include the U.S. Department of Energy, a major nationwide coalition advocating for clean alternative fuels, and a range of initiatives in the entertainment, retail and manufacturing support services industries. For more information, visit or call Shelby Stephens at 512.524.5456.