Texas Space Alliance Names New President

AUSTIN, TX, APR 4, 2012 (TXA PR) – The Texas Space Alliance announced Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Robert Lancaster is assuming the role of President of the organization today. The group worked last year with commercial spaceflight operators, such as Blue Origin, to pass the first space liability protection law in Texas history, and is preparing for a new set of initiatives it will be introducing in the next legislative session.

“Col. Lancaster is stepping in at exactly the right moment to help lead what we believe will be a historic charge into the future for Texas and space,” said Rick Tumlinson, TXA Founder. “He has been with us from the beginning, he knows the field and he is a professional of the first degree.”

The leadership announcement comes as TXA is developing a Texas space initiative that will transform Texas into the world’s leader in space development and commerce, strengthen its role as home to a major NASA space center and support STEM education and research. Tumlinson will remain as the Chairman of the Board with Wayne Rast assuming the role of Policy Director. TXA has begun a round of meetings and planning sessions prior to the upcoming legislative session, and is bringing in new partners and others to support the new initiative. Expect more detailed announcements in the coming weeks.

“I am excited to take on this job at such an important time in history,” said Lancaster. “This is a major make or break moment for the state when it comes to getting ahead of what is about to happen in space. I look forward to working with a new coalition of Texas space leaders to make sure the Lone Star state is number one in this new frontier.”

Lt Col Lancaster is a founding member of the Texas Space Alliance; he served over 20 years in the Air Force, recently as head of the Innovations branch for all Air Force Security Forces where he worked closely with the National Security Space Office on the Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion concept as well as Space Based Solar Power efforts. Recently retired, Robert just returned from a tour of duty in the US Central Command Theater of Operations, including Qatar, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy, he is a long time resident of San Antonio, is a member of the National Space Society and is an Advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation.

The Texas Space Alliance looks forward to Lt Col Lancaster’s leadership and experience as we continue working towards our goal of Texas becoming the world leader in the opening, exploration, and development of space.