SpaceX VP Leaves to Lead Aerospace Business Development Firm

WASHINGTON, DC (SilverStrategy PR) — Capture10 announced today that it will be opening its headquarters this April in the District of Columbia. The firm will be led by Lawrence Williams, who most recently served as Vice President for Strategic Relations at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and as an advisor for Tesla Motors, companies founded and run by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Capture10 will provide business development strategies to create and pursue new billion dollar markets, which often have muti-year acquisition cycles. Williams has a proven track record of securing government and international market access through direct sales, distribution agreements, partnerships, shaping procurements and regulatory approvals.

“Based on my twenty years of experience as a government technology buyer and seller, there appears to be a major need in the market for longer-term strategies to identify, pursue and capture government business,” said firm Principal Lawrence Williams. “Whether it’s Washington or Wall Street, companies tend to be so focused on quarterly returns that they often miss more lucrative opportunities, which are increasingly being captured by more patient investors with longer-term horizons.”

Williams opened SpaceX Washington Operations in 2004 with responsibility for government relations and international business development, and subsequently moved into strategy. Prior to SpaceX, Williams served as Senior Vice President for Business Development for the satellite communications company ICO Global Communications and was a founding team member of Craig McCaw and Bill Gates’ “Internet in the Sky” system, Teledesic.

“Working with SpaceX has been the opportunity of a lifetime and I gained unparalleled experience by working with two of the world’s greatest innovators and entrepreneurs, Elon Musk and Craig McCaw”, said firm President Lawrence Williams. “After 8.5 years of helping to build SpaceX, Teledesic, ICO Global Communications and Tesla Motors, I decided it was time to strike out, explore my own appetite for entrepreneurship and build my own venture.”

In his two decades in Washington, Williams has become an expert on aerospace and communications technology, having developed a unique combination of experience in technology, regulation, strategy and business. He has a proven track record of securing government and international market access through direct sales, distribution agreements, partnerships and regulatory approvals. Some of the highlights of Williams’ tenure include:

  • Securing a $1.6 billion NASA contract to bring cargo to the international space station.
  • Over-turning a multi-hundred million sole-source government contract that had been initially awarded to a competitor, which ultimately led to the creation of a new billion dollar captured opportunity.
  • Landing a $75 million agreement to develop technology to transport NASA astronauts, which is part of a new billion dollar procurement for commercial crew services.
  • Leading SpaceX, Teledesic and ICO Global’s international expansion.
  • Securing radio-spectrum license and international regulatory approvals valued at over $1 billion.
  • Completing distribution agreements with over 20 major international telecommunications carriers.

Prior to joining the private sector, Williams served as special assistant at the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), a member of the Presidential transition team for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and a legislative assistant to U.S. Rep. Ray Thornton on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Williams will be joined at Capture10 by a small team that has yet to be named.    Capture10’s clients include a technology media company, a non-governmental organization and are in negotiations with numerous others technology and aerospace firms.


Capture10 is a business development and strategy firm that helps firms identify, pursue, and capture new billion dollar markets within the technology and aerospace industry. The firm provides strategic guidance to clients on how to secure domestic and international government contracts through direct sales, distribution agreements, partnerships, shaping procurements and navigating regulatory processes. Capture10 was founded in 2012 by high tech and aerospace expert and entrepreneur Lawrence Williams, who began his career working in government, technology, communications and space policy.