Luminox Watches to Fly on SXC Lynxs From Curacao

BASEL, March 6, 2012 (SXC PR) – Luminox, the watch brand that pioneered the use of self-powered illumination in timepieces, is announcing a partnership with commercial spaceliner SXC during Baselworld, from March 8 to March 15, 2012.

Luminox watches have been requested and supplied to a long list of special forces that work in the SEA, AIR and LAND, and now adds a 4th dimension – SPACE. Luminox has been part of the Essential Gear by U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Air Force Stealth Pilots, SWAT teams, Police and rescue organizations around the world, and Underwater explorers, and now will be worn by the Astronauts (and passengers) of the SXC Spaceships as a new series of special timepieces are being developed that can withstand the incredible G-Forces and weightlessness encountered in spaceflights.

Michiel Mol, one of the founders of Space Expedition Curacao: “We will start operating our commercial spaceflights beginning early in 2014. From the island of Curacao we will offer our clients, co-pilot astronauts as we call them, a unique experience in which they will experience breaking the soundbarrier, G-Forces, weightlessness and eventually, at an altitude of 103 km, to see the world from Space. Up there in the dark, we felt our crew would need a special, yet to be developed watch. The technical knowledge of Luminox, combined with their ambition and spirit of adventure, proved them to be the perfect partner for us. They are the brand that can offer Essential Gear to our Astronauts.”

Barry Cohen, Founder of Luminox: “We are extremely proud to become a part of this special project. Currently our product line is broken into three segments – Sea, Air and Land, but with this partnership, we will be introducing the fourth dimension – Space, early next year. At this moment, our engineers are starting to work closely together with the technical staff of SXC to develop a unique timepiece for unique circumstances.”


SXC is dedicated to the development of space travel as a commercial means of transport and excited about participating in pioneering scientific research into space and space travel. Coming from different relevant backgrounds and having gathered many years of experience in leading roles, the men of SXC are very dependable and particularly well equipped for this ambitious space venture. In joining their forces, they have created a strong team with extensive knowledge of both aerospace and commerce.


Founded in 1989, and today available in over 45 countries, selling in top jewellers, outdoor retailers, Luminox stand-alone stores and speciality stores, the brand has more then doubled its sales over the past two years. Known as Essential Gear for outstanding men and elite forces and organizations, due to its “Always Visible” self-powered illumination technology that glows for up to 25 years, Luminox watches enable time to be read all the time, even in complete darkness (and soon in outer space, too). As a Swiss Made timepiece at a great price point, Luminox is a perfect match with SXC. The spacecraft is being built by XCOR Aerospace under strict control of rocket engineers, and the lead pilot of SXC is a former F-16 pilot, one of the outstanding fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin, with whom Luminox has a partnered for more then 15 years, manufacturing watches tied to their remarkable jets.