Ukraine’s Space Agency Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Ukrainian Dnepr launch vehicle. (Credit: ISC Kosmotras)

UKRAINE SPACE AGENCY PR — On February 28, 2012 in the UNIA “Ukrinform” held a press conference on the 20th anniversary of the National Space Agency of Ukraine with the participation of the President of the National Space Agency of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Yuri Sergeyevich Alekseyev, and the first director of the National Space Agency of Ukraine, member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Vladimir Pavlovich Horbulin.

National Space Agency of Ukraine was established February 29, 1992 by Presidential Decree of LM Kravchuk. This has allowed Ukraine to begin forming their own state policy in the exploration and use of outer space.

In his speech, YS Alexeyev said that over 20 years of the State Space Agency of Ukraine has received recognition on the international scene of space powers. Our rockets will launch from four space centers, and the implementation of the project “Alcantara Cyclone Space 4” will allow Ukraine in 2013 to implement the new launches rocket “Cyclone-4” with the Ukrainian-Brazilian Alcantara space center.

Sea Launch Zenit rocket. (Credit: Sea Launch)

Domestic missiles are known worldwide for their reliability and can output high-precision spacecraft into orbit. Proof of this is that for 20 years, Ukrainian rocket put into orbit 238 satellites ordered in 19 countries. Ukrainian engines are installed on the top step of the European rocket “Vega”. Implementing a joint project of the U.S. launch vehicle, “Antares.” The enterprises of the industry standard control systems are manufactured for the Russian carrier rockets “Soyuz”, “Proton”, “Rokot”, “Boom,” docking devices for the International Space Station, and instruments for spacecraft “Soyuz” and “Progress”.

Also, Public Space Agency of Ukraine in cooperation with leading companies in the sector are well coordinated and perform a number of strategically important projects – the creation of the Ministry of Defence for the multi-operational-tactical missile system “Peregrine Falcon”, the creation of the National Satellite Communications System satellite “Lybid”, creating a system for time support of Ukraine on the basis of the use of global navigation satellite systems GPS, “Glonass” and “Galileo.”

The first stage of Orbital Sciences Corporation's Antares (nee Taurus II) rocket is shipped out from Yuzhnoye design bureau in Ukraine. (Credt: Yuzhnoye)

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian independence – in August 2011 – the carrier rocket “Dnepr” launched the modern spacecraft remote sensing, “Sich-2” weighing 176 kg.

The launch was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the chief designer of space rocket technology, the founder and first head of the Design Office “Southern” Mikhail Kuzmich Yangel.

Ukrainian satellite “Sich-2” was put into practical operation, and today he works commissioned by ministries, agencies and local governments.

Space Agency of Ukraine is in a constant search for new ways out of space technology for global markets, participation in international space projects.

However, at the enterprises of the sector output is general economic destination, produced with the use of space technologies. These are: agricultural machinery, wind power, urban electric transport, equipment and gear to the aircraft, welding equipment, medical equipment, household appliances and goods.

An important program aimed at addressing environmental problems of the state, public safety is a program of disposal of solid rocket fuel and ammunition, which in the past few years is Space Agency of Ukraine.

Over 20 years of Space Agency of Ukraine made ​​a number of strategic outcomes:

  • Provided the recognition of Ukraine as a space in the international arena;
  • Formed the space industry, which provides a closed loop design, development and operation of rocket and space technology;
  • An extensive ground-based infrastructure, which provides control of spacecraft and receiving information from them;
  • We obtain the unique scientific results in international projects “Interball”, “Option”, “Coronas-Photon”;
  • Provided a 125 carrier rockets of Ukrainian origin;
  • Made in Ukraine and launched into Earth orbit 28 satellites Development Bank “South”, of which 5 satellites – commissioned by Ukraine itself.
Ukraine's Cyclone rocket

Yu. S. Alekseev noted that recently the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Concept of development of space activities in Ukraine up to 2032 and the related Action Plan.  The content of this concept, confirms the importance of space science and technology in Ukraine of XXI century – the century of high technology and large-scale international projects.

HCA Chairman of Ukraine stressed that all the years of the enterprise sector are constantly increasing the production and release of products for export, as well as optimize the number of employees.

Every year, executed 400-450 international contracts. In 2011 it was performed 430 such contracts in excess of 500 million dollars.GKAU concluded agreements on cooperation in space with 16 countries of the world’s leading space agencies.

Vladimir P. Gorbulin remembered the first steps in the development of the space of Ukraine, a National Space Agency of Ukraine. The first staffing was 39, now in the central office 135 state employees. The first director of the space agency made ​​an attempt to forecast the ways and major developments in the space sector in Ukraine in the coming years and identified the vector of international cooperation.

Also, VP Gorbulin said that rocket and space technology is an integral component of national security. In the world there are two concepts of approaches: one – is the use of information resources that provide spacecraft (communications, navigation, remote sensing), and the second – is the deployment of reconnaissance-strike weapons, without which the modern world does not occur large-scale military action “- said Vladimir Gorbulin.

According to VP Horbulin, rocket-space industry worldwide consumes about 300 billion dollars annually, and this amount increases by 10%, and the space industry – the only one that has not suffered during the crisis in the world.

“If earlier it was a matter of 4.5, then they now approached China and India. These two states, with the involvement of youth in the educational processes, ahead of even the United States and Russia. Even those countries that do not have space programs (such as Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland), trying to find his place in the European space projects. A similar situation in Southeast Asia”, stated Vladimir Gorbulin.

The speakers answered questions from journalists.