Group to Create Makerspace at Mojave Air and Space Port

Attention, Mojave spaceport workers!

Do you wish there was something to do at night in Mojave? Looking for a place to work on your own projects? Want to meet people from other companies who share your interests?

The Mojave Makers want to make that happen.

The group is working to set up a “makerspace” in a building at the airport. The workshop will contain tools and equipment where members can work on their own projects during off hours. It also will provide a place where workers can make social connections and provide the spaceport with a sense of community that it is now lacking.

Led by Michael Clive of XCOR Aerospace, the Mojave Makers are negotiating with airport authorities to convert a storage building into a workshop. Other members of the group include: Nadir Bagaveyev of XCOR; Scott Nietfeld and Ethan Chew of Masten Space Systems; and Andrew Bingham of Firestar Technologies.

The group received the enthusiastic backing of the East Kern Airport District’s Board of Directors after a presentation on Tuesday. The board authorized Mojave CEO and General Manager Stu Witt to begin negotiations with the group on a building lease.

Board members saw the group as fitting in well with an ongoing effort to revitalize the run-down town of Mojave. Officials want to make the town a place where workers from the airport would want to live. Providing them with a “clubhouse” where they can work and meet after hours will help in that effort.

Mojave Makers will seek 501c3 status so the organization can operate as a non-profit. In the meantime, it will operate under the wing of the Space Studies Institute, a non-profit group located at the spaceport. This arrange will allow Mojave Makers to accept tax-deductible donations.

To get involved, visit the Mojave Makers website.