DARPA Seeks Funding for New Hypersonic Program

DARPA is seeking FY 2013 funds to continue work on hypersonic vehicles, Aviation Week reports:

New starts planned for 2013 include the Collaborative Hypersonic Research (CHR) program to demonstrate a boost-glide vehicle as a precursor to a tactical long-range strike weapon capable of launch on a 21-in. or larger booster.

Darpa is seeking $11 million in 2013 to start the “flight experiment-intensive” CHR program, which is intended to build on the U.S./Australian HiFire multi-flight hypersonic test effort as well as the agency’s two brief HTV-2 flights. As a follow-on the HTV-2, another $38 million is sought for the hypersonic technologies program to investigate aerodynamic, materials, guidance and communications technologies for long-range hypersonic cruise.

Both Darpa projects are intended to support the Pentagon’s conventional prompt global strike program.

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