Space Expedition Curacao Signs Up 84 Year Old Australian for Space Tourism Flight

The spaceport terminal in Curacao should give the one in New Mexico a run for its money.

Amsterdam (SXC PR) – Today, Space Expedition Curacao announces the first Australian to be travelling into space with them: 84 year old Melbourne businessman Nigel Peck AM (Order of Australia). The founder of NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd, a manufacturing and distribution company employing 900 people, will be among the first , and most likely eldest, Australian astronauts ever. Peck will become part of both space and Australian history.

Nigel Peck is a well-known Australian businessman and yachtsman, who, despite his respectable age of 84, remains active in business, charity and travel. He is excited to be the first Australian astronaut. He is admiring earth and loves all adventures on earth as again demonstrated by his visit this month to the South Pole after an earlier expedition to the North Pole! Besides this he declares a love of aviation that dates back to his younger years.

“Back in 1937, when I was 10, I started an aeroclub, together with some school friends. I still have the club rulebook! Over the years, a strong interest in everything flying remained. I am looking forward to travelling even higher, into space!”

Peck, who flew on the Concorde twice and flew a Cessna himself and also a North American Mustang Fighter including aerobatics, among other air travel related ventures, will be travelling into space with SXC in 2014. Nigel Peck was convinced of the imminent advent and world wide potential of commercial space travel after visiting the XCOR company that develops the innovative Lynx spacecraft in Mojave, California in the US.

Making space travel attainable

Space Expedition Curacao is the launching customer of the Lynx spacecraft and it will offer commercial space travel from Hato International Airport on Curacao in the Caribbean from 2014. The first 100 flights will be carried out by a group of so called ‘Founder Astronauts’, who are invited personally. Among the first fifteen founder astronauts are some well-known people, including World’s Best DJ Armin van Buuren, Martinair founder Martin Schröder and top model Doutzen Kroes. The official ticket sales for non-invitees commenced April 1st, 2011. Since then, about 45 future astronauts have enlisted.
The astronauts enrol in a special program and become part of the development process. It includes, among other things, presence at test flights of the spacecraft, and special training regarding G forces and weightlessness.

Ben Droste, one of the founders of SXC: “We are extremely proud to be launching the first Australian astronaut into space. Hopefully, this will give other Australians a chance to become acquainted with space travel too. We are looking forward to rolling out SXC in this part of the world soon.”


SXC are dedicated to the development of space travel as a commercial means of transport and excited about participating in pioneering scientific research into space and space travel. Coming from different relevant backgrounds and having gathered many years of experience in leading roles, the men of SXC are very dependable and particularly well equipped for this ambitious space venture. In joining their forces, they have created a strong team with extensive knowledge of both aerospace and commerce.