Tucson Company Signs Deal to Use Microgravity Production Tech

SCHAFER PR — The Schafer Corporation has signed a Licensing and Development Agreement with MoonDust Technologies, LLC (MDT) of Tucson, AZ to give them exclusive, worldwide production and marketing rights for a unique line of products resulting from the use of Schafer’s Proprietary microgravity production technology.

Although well known for their defense-related space capabilities, Schafer has been developing and evaluating technologies for commercial space applications since 2008.

The Agreement grants MDT the exclusive right to produce and sell these products worldwide and provides Schafer with royalties on the sales.

As part of the agreement, Schafer will provide MDT with technical and engineering support focused on the design and development of space hardware.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” said Schafer Corporation President Tony Frederickson.

“For over 40 years, visions of space-based commercial ventures have been driven by the advantages of microgravity fabrication for a range of high-value products. We’re pleased that Schafer technology will play a part as this dream at last nears reality.”

“We were blown away,” said MoonDust Technologies CEO Rick Gibson.

“When we saw what they had developed it was a no brainer; form the company and let’s do this. The impact will be stunning – we’re looking at a broad range of transformational products involving medical, information, and DOD applications.”

MoonDust Technologies, LLC was created as an affiliate of the Medusa Group of companies in Tucson, AZ.

Dan Hodges, CEO and President of Medusa said “Notably, Schafer’s micro-gravity technology allows us to solve some extremely difficult technical issues and create solutions and products that are desperately needed, but simply couldn’t be solved with earth-bound processes before.

This approach is the only way to go.” MDT expects to have sample products available for industry review next summer, 2012.